Print Service

We can supply prints from A5 (6X8 inches) in size to A3 (11X16 inches). All prints are taken off the master digital file and are printed using photo quality inkjet printers and paper. The images are printed in their entirety and no cropping will be done unless requested in any further correspondence with the service.

Due to the different size formats of the older images there may be different sized boarders surrounding the image. We suggest that you wait till you receive your ordered print before you purchase any mounts and or frames.

The service is unable at the moment to process electronic banking and all orders must be done via email or by postal requests. A conformation email will be sent to you and your order will be processed.

Cheques for the total cost of the image plus P&P should be in Sterling and made out to Aberdeenshire Council. Once the payment has been received, the image or images will be posted to you.

Many thanks for any forthcoming requests.